A collection of generic web components with a focus on:


The goal of this project is to create a common library of generic web components, that are accessible, framework agnostic, easy to style, and easy to consume.

All components in these repo extend from HTMLElement and dont use any libraries or framework.

You can think of these components like using a native `button` element, you get all the functionality, and accessibility, keyboard nav, etc for free, you just have to style the button to your liking.

You can use these components to build an app, or compose them and build your own components with them.


Via npm

Components can be installed via npm

npm i --save @generic-components/components

And import in your code via ES imports:

import '@generic-components/components/switch.js';


Alternatively you can load the components from a CDN and drop them in your HTML file as a script tag

Use the component in your HTML file:


There are also React wrappers for these components, in case you want to use these components in your legacy projects. For more info, go here.